We provide ambitious professionals, eager to take on new tasks. Our Corporate Representatives are ready to assist you before, during, and after The assignment of a secretary.

Quality Work

Our standard is excellence, despite our low rates and our success is measured by your success.

Front Office

Our front office team can handle phone calls, scheduling, confirming appointments. They provide standard to complex secretarial duties all with warm and friendly personality which the Philippine culture is widely known to posses.
Think of the power you will wield with a teammate that has the skill set to provide the services of a highly hands on personal assistant (even just 10 hours per week) to that of a high-level corporate paraprofessional capable of drafting pleadings and petitions. Let your imagination guide you. The possibilities are everything in between- that’s what we can deliver.

Back Office

Back Office work force provides a wide range of services starting from a simple requests to more complex agreements, accounting, bookkeeping, summarizing records and anything else you can imagine that does not involve voice.



Note that high-level specialist may cost more.

Professional & Dedicated

Virtual assistants

Available to fit any schedule 24/7

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