Keeping you connected and managing your mail by Digitally Imaging your paper mail.

We have your authorization to scan your mail allowing you to have full access to your inbox from anywhere you may be. Eliminating mail theft, Increasing organization.

Blue Water Imaging Center uses their advanced technology to scan your paper mail and transform it into high resolution digital copy, reassuring you won’t receive a low quality copy. This feature will help you manage your mail anywhere and anytime. We provide mail management solutions and other digital mailbox services to clients. BWIC scans mail that it receives at a designated PO Box you give us and thereafter provides the client with a pdf version of the mail and envelope by way of email.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help change mail management fit to your preferences.  It keeps you on top of incoming mail with ability to respond to your mail at any rate you’d like, keeping you connected with your business, friends, and family.

Taking something good making it great.

Technology improves every minute and Blue Water Digital Imaging is here to contribute.

Getting organized fast has never been easier. Get started by allowing us to access your physical mail and format it to digital form. This eliminates unwanted junk mail and allows  you to be access your incoming mail wherever and when ever.

Our advanced technology will give you the opportunity to manage your mail with the high secure system keeping your documents between you and the mail representative that you will set a limitation to what they are able to open and scan. We will not open any of your hard copy paper mail with out your consent. You can modify ahead of the process so they are on top of what they have access to. Once you have approved our service. We are fully reliable and will destroy any mail throughly by shredding then recycling the shredded remains. WE have created multiple payment options for different services and provide you with a contract giving you all details.

  • Improved to help find mail at the touch of the button 
  • Set to personal preferences 
  • Low cost, advanced system
  • Trustworthy Representatives
  • Eliminates loose letters
  • Keeps you on track with incoming mail
  • Allows you to open mail immediately after it is sent to you 
  • Makes responding to mail simple and fast 

The history of mail goes back further than you think. It’s way past improvement due time. We then put together a system that utilizes our times technology to better distribute postal mail and simplify communication as fast rates, expanding existence. As a source of reference enjoy the link shared giving you the the full history of mail.




Digital Imaging Center Info.

Blue Water Digital Imaging Center offers the most advanced, all-digital imaging technology available directly via email allowing you to finally have control of what used to be a hassle. We provide a system based on management, making what once used to be the main source of communication into an effective way eliminating your chances of misplacing paper and increasing your ability to respond as soon as you please.

Connect with a Blue Water Mail Representative to start our Digital Imaging Service.