About Us

 Run by highly capable and diverse American Professional Executives with more than 20 years experience

Entertainment and Business is one of the greatest mergers of all time.

We work with second and third generation outsourcing secretarial specialists and personal assistants from the Philippines who get it

We’ll mirror you to help work move effectively.
We value our client relationships.
We understand that businesses perform better when delivering top notch professional and personal service at all levels of the organization.
Whether you are looking for a temporary worker or someone long term, Blue Water is ready to collaborate with you to fill your position with a qualified and talented candidate.


Our vision is to provide small and medium sized companies with high quality front and back office secretarial services at a discount price to allow them to compete with large corporations in an ultra competitive landscape and thereby ushering in the modern version of the American Company – think agile, quick, smart and profitable.

The slow moving brick and mortar establishments of the past will yield to the modern offices using state of the art technology.. with no hard physical location, so versatile and effective that you can hit harder in a hut in Bora Bora while your secretary works front the Philippines and yet your office address, that nobody has ever been to is in Century Park East in Los Angeles.

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We also provide turn key business solutions from the ground up so that when we are done setting you up, all you have to do is make money.

Just say the word and through our sister company we will arrange the following for you:

Prestigious business address in the city of your choice. At a fraction of the cost of renting the space. Use the office only as necessary on a pay as you go basis
Hard Mail system includes scanning and emailing all regular mail to you. So you’re always connected
Cyber secretary and cyber book keeper at a fraction of the cost of the old model
Phone number(s) with area code of your choice
We complete and file paperwork with the Secretary of State for LLPs APCs, incorporations, etc.
Build basic website
Secure a domain name for you website
Business cards
Set up company email